Mid Summer Freebie from Diagon Alley?



I’m off on vacation starting today. Woo hoo!! Going to check out Harry Potter-Land in Orlando, Florida and dragging the posse along with. I decided to put Next Up on vacation too, so as a Mid-Summer special the SciFi short will be available for FREE from 7-16-15 to 7-20-15. Pick up a copy. I hope you enjoy it, and do me a favor, leave an honest review on Amazon after you’ve finished (and follow my author page). I’d really appreciate it. Reviews go a long way for indie writers. They’re our bread and butter. When I get back I’ll be blogging about my scouting work for my next project, Club 88. It’s a post-apoc story set in the remains of Orlando. Keep your ears peeled.

NEXT UP Cover jpg (3)
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