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Halloween is upon us, and I know of no better way to get in the mood than to snuggle up with a little horrific, bloodbath on page.

An electronic reader, or old school book grasped firmly, white-kunckled in your hands. Flickering candlelight, every sound personified. Yes, reading coupled with the right mood can have you subconsciously paranoid, looking over your shoulder into every dark shadow. Fear induced by a roaming imagination is a thing of wonder.

What makes all this better?

Kamika-Z, my contribution to the amazing Future Chronicles series, which was featured in The Z Chronicles, is now available stand alone in eBook on Amazon! It has chewed its way out of The Z Chronicles and is looking for flesh. For just a buck you can pick it up and dive in to a unique zombie infestation hailing down on a Florida suburb, one steamy summer afternoon. Shuffle on over to Amazon and grab a copy today.

The cover (by Evere Design) alone is worth collecting.




You don’t have to take only my word for it, here’s what has been said about Kamika-Z in some remarkable reviews for The Z Chronicles:

****Spoiler potential below****


Michael Hicks: KAMIKA-Z by Christopher Boore, and Will Swardstron’s Z BALL are also very strong efforts, with the former featuring cyborg zombies unleashed upon the US during a war with China. This one is told across three viewpoints of a single family struggling to survive. It’s dark, but the characters are richly developed and their own unique voices are allowed to shine across each chapter. My only complaint is that I really wanted to see more of these cyborg zombie things! It’s such a cool concept, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Boore expands on it in a larger work soon.


Kat: “Kamika-Z” by Christopher Boore: Who does he think he is! She brought that loser into our house. He can never replace Dad. Family is something he could never understand! But who knew Hell was lose and on the prowl? Even when they hit, we thought we were fighting for our lives, not our souls. I had to do it. I had to! I am 14 years old, but sometimes life demands that you grow up right this instant. I had to do it. For her, for me . . . it was the only choice


Chris F: Christopher Boore’s “Kamika-Z” – A 14 year old boy and his mom live together with her boyfriend Dave, who fills a hole in their life after something happens to the boy’s father. As a result of a poor relationship with Dave, he thinks his life is already a living hell. Until he encounters a sky filled with black specks and his definition of hell is completely redefined. Something terrifying falls into his yard, unleashing something frightening and reeking of death. You can almost hear a techno, heavy metal soundtrack booming as you discover what the boy sees, experience his terror and how he responds to this threat. This narrative viscerally attacks you, creates stunning visual imagery in your head and makes you deeply feel the fear of a nightmarish, unstoppable force unchained, especially in the finale.
Robert V Frazier: Kamika-Z (Christopher Boore) This one starts out slowly, then ends with a bang! Not a deep philosophical journey, just a ripping good bloodfest when the zombies show up. Which they do in the most original way I’ve seen yet!


David Bruns: Christopher Boore delivers “Kamika-Z,” a gruesome look at a cross-border attack of cyber-zombies by China. The same story is told from three points of view: Jake, an angsty teenager; Big Dave, his step-father; and Maddie, his mother. Boore uses a stream of consciousness style that really digs into the character POV quickly and effectively. In his afterword, Boore claims little knowledge of the genre apart from watching The Walking Dead. Not to worry, Chris, you did just fine.


Bill Matthews: Christopher Boore’s “Kamika-Z” – Has some interesting personal relationships and an even more interesting twist that explains the title. Some what of a “gotcha”.
A. Porter: Boore’s “Kamika-Z” was a terrifying scenario – not at all the ending I expected and terribly real and fascinating. I look forward to reading more by this author.


Daniel Arthur Smith: Known authors such as Jennifer Wells and Hugh Howey deliver solid stories as expected but its the stellar additions of new authors such as Christopher Boore that keep the series fresh. Christopher Boore’s Kamika-Z and returning author Will Swardstrom’s Z-Ball are two examples of stories that are different than any you’ve read before.


Colby Zoeller: Kamika-Z by Christopher Boore: Finally, a clever new take on zombies. This was really a fun short, but it has the potential to be a fantastic full-length novel. This is the best of the bunch so far!


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