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Dead Planet

A new boxed set from a good friend and writer, Drew Avera, is climbing the charts. Pick up your copy today! The future is darker than you think! In a society controlled by the rich, who can rise to stand against tyranny when it threatens to destroy the world? Drew Avera  

My Alien kung fu is strong.

I like it. No, I’m obsessed. I’ve always been a huge fan, ever since I saw Aliens at my babysitters house when I was really young, back in England. Cheese and Ketchup sandwiches were the daily delicacy if I recall.  Not too shabby.  I almost got an HR Giger tattoo down my lower leg on […]

A whole ton of win.

If you’re signed up for my newsletter this gem will be landing in your mailbox today. Enter the huge contest, which includes Kamika-Z, to win a massive amount of books by some pretty amazing writers.       Sci-Fi Bridge is a brand new platform dedicated to bringing you the best in Sci-Fi books from […]

Jason Anspach’s hit, ‘Til Death

A Great New Release. You may have heard about my friend Jason Anspach’s 1950’s paranormal noire detective series, ’til Death. Jason writes these suspenseful and witty books like an old Hollywood movie. These books are all about capturing the fun of an old Cary Grant flick. He’s launched the latest book of the series, ’til […]

Returning to Ravenloft

Our Dungeon Master has been digging through his gaming chest at the news of new Ravenloft content.  With Wizards of the Coast’s Curse of Strahd releasing earlier this month, I wanted to take the time to go back through some of my old 2nd edition Ravenloft modules , dive in, and relive what made them […]

Hungry for brainzzzz?

  Halloween is upon us, and I know of no better way to get in the mood than to snuggle up with a little horrific, bloodbath on page. An electronic reader, or old school book grasped firmly, white-kunckled in your hands. Flickering candlelight, every sound personified. Yes, reading coupled with the right mood can have […]

Mid Summer Freebie from Diagon Alley?

  I’m off on vacation starting today. Woo hoo!! Going to check out Harry Potter-Land in Orlando, Florida and dragging the posse along with. I decided to put Next Up on vacation too, so as a Mid-Summer special the SciFi short will be available for FREE from 7-16-15 to 7-20-15. Pick up a copy. I […]

AI Launch Party

Thirteen authors confront the question of the Singularity: at and beyond that point of time when A.I. becomes more than simply a human construct. From first awareness to omniscience, these original short stories explore that territory where human intelligence comes face-to-face with what is either its greatest hope, or its greatest threat.